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Venicci Tinum Upline Stone Beige Pram 3 in 1 Bundle + Isofix Base

Venicci Tinum Upline Stone Beige Pram 3 in 1 Bundle + Isofix Base

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Introducing the Venicci Tinum Upline in Stone Beige, the latest evolution of the renowned Venicci Tinum Travel System. Setting a new standard for luxury, the Venicci Upline is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, providing a host of functionalities to simplify the lives of adventurous moms and engage curious babies.

This pinnacle of Venicci's design excellence not only boasts a stylish aesthetic but also ensures practicality at every turn, offering an all-inclusive solution for your baby's needs. As a luxury brand, Venicci has elevated the experience with thoughtful touches such as branded tags and eco-friendly leather straps.

By retaining features beloved by experienced parents, the Venicci Tinum Upline prioritizes both style and substance. Your comfort and your baby's well-being take centre stage with a plethora of features designed to maximize both. Elevate your parenting journey with the Venicci Tinum Upline – where luxury and functionality unite seamlessly.

What's Included in My Venicci Tinum Upline 12 Piece Bundle? 

  • Venicci Tinum Lightweight Chassis
  • Tinum Upline Carrycot 
  • Venicci Tinum Seat Unit
  • Venicci Car Seat
  • Car Seat Adapters So you can use your car seat on the Frame
  • RainCover
  • Insect Net
  • Footmuff
  • Matching Changing Bag
  • Changing Mat
  • Isofix Base


Venicci Tinum Upline Carrycot Stone Beige

Transform your Venicci Tinum Upline into the ideal sanctuary for your newborn with the meticulously crafted Carrycot. Tailored for the first six months of your baby's life, this haven of comfort features a specially designed mattress that provides exceptional support. Going beyond mere functionality, the carrycot offers a convenient and secure option for overnight sleeping, allowing parents to keep their precious bundle close.

Luxury meets practicality with the quilted cotton fabric lining, gracing both the inside of the hood and the carrycot itself. This touch of opulence enhances the cocooning experience, enveloping your baby in a world of comfort and style. Elevate your parenting journey with the Venicci Tinum Upline Carrycot – a haven where safety, comfort, and luxury converge seamlessly.



Effortless functionality meets thoughtful design in the Venicci Tinum Upline Carrycot. With a simple click system featuring memory buttons, detaching the carrycot is a breeze, allowing for a convenient one-handed lift. For added ease, a carry handle is seamlessly integrated at the top.

Designed with your baby's comfort in mind, the carrycot boasts a large panoramic ventilation panel at the back. This feature ensures optimal airflow during warmer months, keeping your little one cool and comfortable. The cleverly designed feet on the carrycot also serve to protect the fabric from coming into contact with the ground.

Not just a style statement, the fabric of the Venicci Tinum Upline is both chic and functional. Water-repellent and UV50 protected, it not only adds to the stroller's aesthetic appeal but also provides essential protection against the elements. Elevate your strolling experience with the Venicci Tinum Upline Carrycot – where innovation meets style for both convenience and comfort.


Venicci Tinum Seat unit

The Venicci Tinum Seat Unit effortlessly accommodates a child weighing up to 22kg, providing unparalleled convenience and durability. This versatile pram is ingeniously designed to fold seamlessly with the seat unit attached, offering the flexibility of facing the world or enjoying parent-facing interaction. Experience the epitome of practicality and adaptability with the Venicci Tinum Seat Unit – where ease of use meets the needs of modern parenting.


Elevate your baby's comfort with our thoughtfully designed pushchair, ensuring a cozy experience at all times. Boasting a 3-step recline for both the backrest and leg rest, our pushchair prioritizes flexibility and adaptability. One-handed adjustments effortlessly cater to your baby's needs, with the hood, headrest, and harness ensuring optimal positioning for maximum comfort.

Our innovative design includes a head support that seamlessly moves with the harness straps, providing unparalleled comfort. The vent at the back of the seat unit ensures a refreshing flow of cool air on warmer days, while a footmuff keeps your baby snug during cooler weather. For sun protection, the extendable hood becomes an essential feature, especially when your little one is peacefully asleep.

Safety is paramount with our magnetic seat unit harness, ensuring a secure and hassle-free fastening for your baby. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and comfort with our meticulously designed pushchair – where every detail is crafted to enhance your baby's strolling experience.


Venicci Tinum Chassis Features 

Experience unparalleled convenience with the Venicci Tinum Chassis, weighing in at a mere 8.2KG, inclusive of the wheels, ensuring effortless maneuverability. The puncture-free wheels effortlessly glide across any surface, offering a smooth and enjoyable ride. Embrace versatility with the ALL terrain suspension and lockable swivel wheels, providing an extra layer of suspension for a comfortable journey on even the most challenging terrains. The innovative Front Wheels Support System further enhances the performance of the front wheels.

Efficiency meets simplicity with the one-touch button mechanism, allowing for an easy and swift folding process. The spacious shopping basket adds practicality to your outings, ensuring you can carry all your little one's essentials with ease as you navigate daily errands. Elevate your strolling experience with the Venicci Tinum Chassis – where lightweight design and thoughtful features redefine convenience.


Venicci Tinum Upline Car Seat 

Included in your package is the Venicci Tinum UPline Car Seat, You can also use your car seat on your frame for short journeys using the handy car seat adapters included in your package.


The Car seat will strap in using your car seat belt or will attach using the Isofix base. The three point harness will ensure your newborn is safe Whilst traveling. The car seat also has an intergrated hood which is UV50 Protected. 

Venicci Upline Weights and Dimensions

• Length — 99 cm
• Width — 60 cm
• Height — 112 cm
• Weight (without the chassis) — 4,7 kg
• Weight limit — max 9 kg

Seat unit
• Length — 92 cm
• Width — 60 cm
• Height — 107 cm
• Weight (with the chassis) — 12,9 kg
• Weight limit — max 22 kg

Delivery of Your Venicci Tinum Upline Stone Beige

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In-store payment Plans

You pay a 10% non refundable deposit and then the rest is spilt between the amount of months you choose.

Finally Your Pram will not be delivered until all payments are made.

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