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Shnuggle Bath Baby Folding Stand

Shnuggle Bath Baby Folding Stand

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The redesigned Shnuggle Bath Stand is crafted to perfectly complement the Shnuggle bath, offering a convenient solution for baby bath time. Engineered to eliminate the need for lifting and bending, this stand comes with rubber feet for enhanced stability, ensuring a secure and slip-free bathing experience.

Designed to raise the baby to waist height, it proves especially useful for mothers with caesarean or back concerns, providing easy access during bath time. The stand is foldable, allowing for compact storage when not in use and minimising its footprint in your living space.

With its updated look resembling a traditional bath stand, the Shnuggle Bath Stand combines practicality with sturdiness, making baby bath time a breeze.


Enhance your baby's bath time experience with the Shnuggle Bath Stand, designed to complement the Shnuggle baby bath (sold separately). Elevating the bath to approximately 72cm / 28 inches from the floor, it effectively eliminates back strain, providing a comfortable height for eye contact and bonding with your baby during bath time.


  • Height: 103.5cm
  • Width: 59.5cm
  • Length: 78cm

Safety: Our bath stand is rigorously tested, constructed from robust metal, and features rubber grippy feet for enhanced stability. The stand is delivered flat-packed and is easily assembled.

Recommended Usage: Ideal for newborns up to approximately 6 months, the Shnuggle Bath Stand is a practical and secure addition to your baby's bath time routine. (Please note: Bath sold separately)

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