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Shnuggle Baby Bath in Taupe New Colour

Shnuggle Baby Bath in Taupe New Colour

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Introducing the Award-Winning Shnuggle Baby Bath—a brilliant choice for your little one! Designed for newborns up to around 12 months, this super compact bath conveniently fits into most kitchen sinks. Bid farewell to the hassle of lugging around hefty tubs filled with water; the Shnuggle Baby Bath requires only two liters!

Featuring a cozy padded foam backrest that keeps your baby warm, this bath boasts a built-in bum support to prevent slipping into the water easily. Your baby's security and comfort during bath time are prioritized with this thoughtful design. Non-slip rubber feet ensure stability on various surfaces, providing additional peace of mind.

The Shnuggle Baby Bath in taupe is a true standout, recognized with prestigious accolades such as the Mother and Baby Gold 2017 and Junior Design Gold awards. Renowned for its excellence, it stands as one of the top-rated choices for baby baths.

For added convenience, consider adding the Shnuggle Bath Stand—a folding stand that brings the bath to the perfect height, eliminating the need for bending. This is particularly beneficial for moms recovering from a c-section or experiencing back trouble. Effortlessly designed, the folding bath stand takes away the struggle of lifting, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience for both you and your baby.


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