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Roma Mermaid Dolls Pram 3-9 Years - Amy Child's Collection of Dolls Prams

Roma Mermaid Dolls Pram 3-9 Years - Amy Child's Collection of Dolls Prams

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Explore the enchanting world of imaginative play with the Roma Mermaid Dolls Pram—a captivating addition to Amy Child's Collection of Dolls Prams.

Crafted by the collaborative brilliance of Amy Childs and Roma Prams, the Polly Single dolls pram is designed to bring joy to little girls of all ages. Suitable for children aged 3 years and above, this pram features a fully adjustable handle with a range from 55 to 78 cm, ensuring a personalized and comfortable play experience.

The mermaid sequined fabrics adorning the pram add a touch of magic, dazzling your little one with their super sparkly allure. The 2-in-1 fabrics of the Polly carrycot effortlessly convert into a seat unit with simple poppers, providing versatility for varied play scenarios. The seat unit includes a secure 3-point harness, offering safety for dollies of all ages.

Available in a spellbinding sparkly mermaid fabric, the Polly dolls pram also comes in a twin version, both boasting a stunning chrome finish on the chassis. Each Roma dolls pram package includes a coordinating bag that attaches to the handle, a removable carrycot apron, and a practical shopping basket.

Package Contents:

- Polly Single dolls pram

- 2-in-1 seat unit/carrycot

- Coordinating changing bag

- Removable carrycot apron

- Shopping basket

Key Features:

- Adjustable handle height (55 - 78cm)

- Suitable for ages 36 months and above (please measure handle height for your child)

- Lightweight frame for easy maneuvering

- Sparkly Mermaid design for a touch of whimsy

- Convertible carrycot/seat unit with a single strap

- 3-point adjustable harness for dollies of all ages


- Depth of cot: 15cm

- Mattress size: 44 x 23cm

*We recommend measuring your child's height for age suitability.

Elevate playtime with the Roma Mermaid Dolls Pram—a perfect blend of style, comfort, and versatility for magical adventures in every little girl's world.

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