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Reborn Boy Monkey with Blue Romper and Dummy

Reborn Boy Monkey with Blue Romper and Dummy

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Are you searching for a lifelike Reborn Monkey? Look no further! Introducing the ideal choice: a Reborn Baby Boy monkey, adorned in exquisite Spanish attire and equipped with a Dummy.

- Lifelike dimensions: This 32 cm monkey is meticulously crafted for a super realistic appearance, made entirely of vinyl with captivating brown eyes.

- Age-appropriate: Suitable for children aged 36 months and older.

Product Information:

- Exceptional quality: Manufactured in Spain with the utmost precision and craftsmanship.

- Rigorous testing: All our dolls undergo thorough testing for physical, toxic, and flammability resistance.

- Optimal materials: The fabrics and manufacturing materials meet the highest standards and comply with all regulations.

- Safety assurance: Our dolls are entirely free of PHTHALATES, adhering to the European standard.

Choose quality, realism, and safety with our Reborn Baby Boy monkey, a delightful addition to your collection.

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