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Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed - Soft White

Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed - Soft White

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The Sleep Tight Baby Bed is a secure haven for your baby's restful sleep, meeting the latest safety standards for overnight use. Certified for unsupervised sleep from birth, it features firm sides to prevent rolling and a strong yet soft-to-touch Sleep Tight Baby Bedsides. Crafted with a sustainable Dupont™ Sorona® filling, breathable panels, and a firm flat base, it creates a safe and healthy sleep environment.

Designed for convenience, the bed is easily washable, including the removable base for quick cleaning. With its portability and included luxury travel bag, The Sleep Tight Baby Bed is an essential for tired parents, offering comfort and safety both at home and on the go.


Sleep Tight Baby Bed

Key Features of the Sleep Tight Baby Bed:

1. **Certified Safety:**

   The Sleep Tight Baby Bed has undergone rigorous testing, ensuring it meets the highest safety standards for overnight sleeping. It addresses concerns associated with traditional nests and sleep positioners.

2. **Safe and Soft Sides:**

   Crafted with firm, breathable sides from sustainably sourced Dupont™ Sorona® fiber, the bed prevents babies from rolling out while providing a soft and comforting touch. The Sorona® fiber retains its shape and structure over time, avoiding flattening.

3. **Firm and Wipe-Clean Base:**

   Essential for unsupervised sleep, the bed includes a firm, flat base that is easily removable and wipe-clean, promoting hygiene and convenience.

4. **Breathable Design:**

   Featuring a fully breathable mesh base and sides, the bed facilitates safe air circulation, ensuring the baby stays at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

5. **Portable Comfort:**

   The Sleep Tight Baby Bed offers a familiar and safe environment, making it ideal for travel to grandparents' houses, hotel rooms, and more, providing comfort and security on the go.

6. **Sustainable Construction:**

   The main structure is crafted with Dupont™ Sorona®, a patented technology made from 37% plant-based ingredients. Certified by the USDA, it reflects a commitment to sustainability.

7. **Easy to Clean:**

   Every component of the bed is fully washable, including the wipe-down base, making maintenance a breeze for busy parents.

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