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Junior Joy

Pram Flannelette Sheets 2 Pack in Pink

Pram Flannelette Sheets 2 Pack in Pink

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Indulge your little one in comfort with our Pack of Two Pink Flannelette Pram Sheets. Crafted from 100% cotton, these super-soft sheets are designed for optimal cosiness. Generously sized at 70cm x 100cm, they effortlessly accommodate even the largest carrycots.

Our preference for flat sheets over fitted ones stems from the common issue of fitted sheets scrunching up the pram mattress. Opt for these flat sheets to maintain a smooth and snug sleeping surface for your baby.

These sheets not only provide a plush resting place for your little one but also serve as a practical solution for maintaining cleanliness. Safeguard your pram mattress by using these sheets, allowing you to swiftly and easily keep the pram tidy. Instead of washing the entire mattress, simply swap out the sheet for added convenience.

Composition: 100% Cotton

Size: 70cm x 100cm

Elevate your baby's comfort and simplify your pram care routine with our Pink Flannelette Pram Sheets.


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