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Peter Rabbit Soft Toy - Heirloom Collection

Peter Rabbit Soft Toy - Heirloom Collection

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Introducing the exquisite Peter Rabbit Soft Toy, a cherished member of the Peter Rabbit Signature Collection—crafted for generations to come. As a timeless symbol of tradition and warmth, Peter Rabbit transcends generations, inviting gift buyers to share the joy and values of their own childhood.

This 16cm soft toy is meticulously created from the softest plush, adorned in premium 100% cotton fabrics and patterns. Balancing contemporary styling with traditional charm, Peter Rabbit becomes a delightful companion for little ones during playtime adventures and a comforting cuddle buddy at bedtime.

From birth onwards, this soft toy embodies the perfect blend of nostalgia and modern appeal, making it an ideal gift that stands the test of time. Explore the magic of Peter Rabbit with this thoughtfully designed toy, where each cuddle brings joy and each playtime adventure creates lasting memories.

**Key Features:**

- Peter Rabbit Signature Collection

- Premium Quality Plush

- 100% Cotton Fabrics

- Contemporary Yet Traditional Styling

- Size: 14l x 8w x 16h cm

- Suitable for All Generations

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