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Peg Perego

Peg Perego Veloce Travel System i-Size Bundle with House stand - Fiat 500

Peg Perego Veloce Travel System i-Size Bundle with House stand - Fiat 500

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Experience the epitome of Italian craftsmanship with the Peg Perego Veloce Travel System i-Size Bundle featuring the House stand - Fiat 500. Immerse your baby in opulent fabrics and unparalleled quality materials, capturing the essence of Italian design excellence. The Veloce, exceptionally light and with unmatched driving performance, effortlessly manoeuvres through elevators and narrow doors, measuring just 51 cm wide. Embracing convenience, its ultra-compact folding mechanism elevates your on-the-go experience.

Crafted with meticulous attention to your baby's well-being, this travel system boasts a spacious and cosy bassinet, ensuring the ultimate in restful slumber. Included in the bundle is the Reclinable i-Size car seat, Primo Viaggio Lounge, allowing your baby to recline comfortably during journeys, ensuring both style and comfort in one seamless package. Elevate your travel experience with the Peg Perego Veloce Travel System, where luxury meets functionality for the modern parent.

What's included in your 10-Piece Peg Perego Bundle?

- Peg Perego Veloce Chassis

- Seat unit and Raincover

- Carrycot/Bassinet with Mattress and Raincover

- Lie Flat Lounge i-Size Car Seat

- Isofix Base 360 Spin Base

- Cup Holder

- Your Choice of Changing Bag

- House Stand

Embark on a journey of unmatched style, functionality, and comfort with the Peg Perego Veloce—a travel system meticulously crafted to elevate every moment for both parent and baby.


Immerse your baby in the epitome of comfort with our Carrycot—an invitation to an unparalleled sleeping experience. With one of the most spacious sleeping areas, we prioritize providing your little one with the utmost restful slumber. The generously sized carrycot guarantees ample room for your baby's comfort.

Our thoughtful design extends to the adjustable backrest and footrest, offering independent customization to maintain your baby's optimal ergonomic position—whether they're awake or peacefully asleep. The precisely tailored carrycot apron acts as a protective shield against the wind, ensuring your baby remains snug and cozy inside.

Elegance seamlessly merges with practicality through the built-in eco-leather carry handle, adding a touch of sophistication to your daily outings. The hood, designed for utmost convenience, can be effortlessly lowered with a single hand, recognizing the demands of your multitasking routine, even while holding your baby.

Choose the Carrycot that prioritises both your baby's comfort and your convenience—a perfect embodiment of thoughtful design and functionality.


Delight in comfortable strolls throughout every season with our innovative UPF 50+ fabric hood featuring a protective visor, ensuring your baby stays shielded from the sun. When temperatures rise, a discreet zip reveals a mesh insert, promoting enhanced ventilation for your little one's comfort.

Enhance your experience further by pairing it with the included House stand, creating the ideal sleeping haven for your baby. Bid farewell to the need for a separate Moses basket—our thoughtful design seamlessly integrates convenience and style into one cohesive package. Enjoy the ultimate in comfort and practicality, designed to simplify and elevate your parenting journey.


Meet the Veloce Stroller—an embodiment of convenience with its ultra-compact folding design, tailored for dynamic parents on the move. From birth, this stroller shines with its reversible seat, adding versatility to your parenting journey. Weighing a mere 10.7 kg and measuring a slim 51 cm in width, it effortlessly conquers the elevator test, ensuring seamless mobility in tight spaces.

Designed for all terrains, the Veloce stroller boasts top-quality wheels, delivering agile steering for a smooth and enjoyable ride. The pushchair seat structure, crafted from flexible material, guarantees extra comfort from infancy until your baby reaches 22 kg. Adapt to your baby's needs with a reclining backrest, ensuring a journey that's both secure and comfortable.

For added convenience, the stroller features an extendable hood, shielding your baby's naps from the sun and wind. Prioritizing both comfort and functionality, revel in a spacious seat, a secure 5-point harness, and an eco-leather front bar that effortlessly opens and closes.

Choose the Veloce Stroller for the perfect synthesis of comfort, style, and functionality—a travel companion that caters to the needs of both parent and baby, ensuring every journey is a joyous one.


Introducing the Lie Flat car seat—an assurance of comfort and safety tailored for newborns up to 87 cm in height and 13 kg in weight (0 to 15 months). Revel in the adjustable comfort recline, offering three positions (sitting, relax, flat) in the car, seamlessly compatible with the i-Size Base.

Enhancing protection, the car seat boasts a large extensible UPF 50+ hood, complete with a ventilating mesh for optimal airflow. Safety takes center stage with the inclusion of Kinetic Pods, strategically designed to redirect forces away from your child in the unfortunate event of a side collision.

Prioritize your baby's well-being with a car seat that not only embraces comfort but also ensures advanced safety features for your peace of mind. Choose the Lie Flat car seat—an embodiment of security and convenience for your little one's earliest journeys.


Immerse yourself in unparalleled convenience with the Chassis of our stroller—an intricately designed marvel crafted for both ease and durability. The large, easy-to-access basket, reinforced with rigid elements, effortlessly accommodates heavy loads. High-visibility finishes elevate safety during evening walks, while the adjustable eco-leather handlebar ensures optimal comfort for parents of varying heights. Multiple handle adjustments, including a high position, cleverly save space when needed, such as in elevators.

Navigate any terrain with ease, thanks to the soft-ride wheels, rear shock absorbers, visible springs, and precision ball bearings for agile steering. The front wheels, adaptable from locked to swiveling and vice versa, offer optimal flexibility. Complemented by a user-friendly brake system, this stroller guarantees a smooth and secure ride.

Folding down to a mere 78.5cm by 42cm, the chassis is a space-saving marvel. It seamlessly folds with the seat securely in both positions, showcasing excellent stand-alone features. The seat consistently folds compactly, preserving upholstery and ensuring impeccable hygiene.

Choose the Chassis that redefines convenience and functionality—an embodiment of thoughtful design tailored for parents on the move.

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