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OBaby Grace Unicorn Themed Cot Bed - White & Pink

OBaby Grace Unicorn Themed Cot Bed - White & Pink

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Introducing the OBaby Grace Unicorn Themed Cot Bed in White & Pink—an enchanting choice for parents seeking a burst of colour and unique design for their little one's first room. Transport your child to the land of dreams with this Unicorn-themed cot bed, adorned with delightful Unicorn-inspired designs and Pink end tops.

The Grace Inspire features an adjustable three-position base, with the top setting facilitating easy in-and-out access for your little one without unnecessary bending. As your child progresses to sitting and standing, the base can be further adjusted by two positions. Teething rails ensure the protection of delicate first teeth, combining safety and style in this magical cot bed. Let the OBaby Grace Unicorn Themed Cot Bed bring a touch of whimsy to your nursery.


As your little one grows and is ready to transition to a bed, the magic continues with the OBaby Grace Unicorn Themed Cot Bed in White & Pink. The Grace Inspire seamlessly transforms from a cot bed into a cozy and stylish junior bed, ensuring maximum durability and great value from birth up to approximately four years. Accommodate this enchanting cot bed with an Obaby 140 x 70cm mattress for the perfect blend of comfort and whimsy in your child's sleeping space. Let the journey from nursery to junior bed be as delightful as the Unicorn-inspired dreams it inspires.


The OBaby Grace Unicorn Themed Cot Bed in White & Pink boasts a range of features to enhance both functionality and charm in your nursery:

  • Adjustable, three-position base height for convenience and adaptability.
  • Two ends that easily split, facilitating a seamless conversion from cot to toddler bed.
  • Adorable illustrations on the bed ends add a delightful character to any nursery.
  • Teething rails thoughtfully included to safeguard delicate baby teeth.
  • Suitable for use from birth to approximately four years old, offering lasting value.
  • Requires a mattress measuring 140 x 70cm, available separately for a tailored sleeping experience.

Choose the OBaby Grace Unicorn Themed Cot Bed for a perfect blend of whimsical design and practicality, creating a magical space for your little one.


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