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Inglesina Electa Upper Black 3 in 1 Travel System with 360 Isofix

Inglesina Electa Upper Black 3 in 1 Travel System with 360 Isofix

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Discover the Inglesina Electa upper Black – the epitome of super lightweight city prams. Introducing the stunning Upper Black, a brand new colour in the Inglesina Range, adding a touch of sophistication to urban strolling.

This pram redefines convenience with its feather-light design, effortlessly manoeuvrable for ascending and descending stairs, hopping on and off public transport, all while cradling your child in your arms.

When folded, the chassis transforms into a compact size resembling a travel trolley, seamlessly fitting into the luggage compartment of even the smallest city cars.

Inglesina, a cherished family-run Italian company, takes pride in delivering the highest quality prams and travel systems. Operating in over 40 countries, Inglesina embodies values of Beauty, Love, and Elegant Style. With a commitment to prioritising your baby's well-being, they collaborate with hospitals and neonatal units to ensure the finest strollers for your little one. Elevate your strolling experience with Inglesina – where style meets practicality and your baby's comfort is paramount.

Your Inglesina Electa Travel system package includes


  • Experience the ultimate Inglesina Electa Chassis, complete with a range of thoughtfully designed accessories to elevate your parenting journey:
    • Electa Pushchair Seat Unit: Versatile and comfortable, providing a cosy space for your little one during strolls.

    • Inglesina Carrycot with Specially Developed Welcome Pad Mattress: A luxurious sleeping space for newborns, ensuring utmost comfort.

    • Carrycot Stand: Effortlessly transforms your carrycot into a Moses basket or converts the pushchair into a high chair for added convenience as your baby grows.

    • Infant Carrier Car Seat: Ensures safety and comfort for your baby during car travels.

    • 360 Rotate Isofix Base for Infant Carrier: A secure base for the infant carrier, providing ease of use and peace of mind.

    • Pushchair Apron: Stylish and functional, adding an extra layer of protection during colder weather.

    • Cupholder: Conveniently keeps your drinks within reach during strolls.

    • Travel System Raincover: Shields your little one from unexpected weather changes, ensuring a dry and cosy ride.

  • Accessories Available:

    • Matching Changing Bags: Stylish and practical bags that seamlessly complement your Inglesina Electa.

    • Carrycot Sleeping Bag Style Footmuff: Cosy and warm, perfect for keeping your baby snug during chilly outings.

    • Pushchair Footmuff: An essential accessory for added warmth and comfort in the pushchair.

  • Elevate your parenting experience with the comprehensive Inglesina Electa collection, where functionality meets style for you and your baby.


Immerse your baby in comfort with the spacious carrycot designed for the Inglesina Electa, boasting impressive dimensions of 79cm x 37cm. Prioritizing your baby's well-being, this carrycot is equipped with multiple vents at the rear and bottom, ensuring optimal airflow and maintaining a cozy environment.

As your baby grows, the adjustable backrest allows for a comfortable seated position while still benefiting from the exceptional mattress support. This unique feature ensures that the carrycot lasts longer than traditional lie-flat options.

Crafted with precision, the carrycot features a remarkable 3D mesh mattress and bamboo lining, creating a hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial sanctuary for your baby. Only the finest materials have been used to guarantee a perfect start for your little one.

Shielding your baby from the elements, the extendable sun canopy adds an extra layer of protection. The carrycot includes the bassinet stand, and Inglesina recommends using it like a traditional Moses basket for your baby's sleep, reflecting their commitment to superior design and fabric quality.

Explore the innovative welcome pad, an integral part of the carrycot mattress, designed in collaboration with a neonatal hospital to provide the highest standard of comfort for your baby. Experience unparalleled excellence with the Inglesina Electa carrycot – where meticulous design meets the utmost in baby care.


Introducing the Inglesina Electa Leg Support – a thoughtful addition designed to provide crucial support to newborns' legs as they transition from the fetal position. Recognizing that newborns don't have fully extended legs in the womb, this essential leg support facilitates a gentle easing of the legs into a comfortable position.

The adjustable cushion ensures adaptability to your baby's growth, allowing you to customise the support and remove it when no longer needed. Beneath the welcome pad, the main mattress of the carrycot offers additional comfort and stability.

Notably, the welcome pad goes beyond leg support, offering superior support to your baby's head. Featuring a special section designed to cradle the baby's head and mitigate the risk of flat head syndrome, the welcome pad is a multi-functional and vital component of the Inglesina Electa.

Prioritize your baby's well-being with the thoughtful design and adaptability of the Inglesina Electa Leg Support – where every detail is crafted to ensure the utmost comfort and support during those precious early stages of life.

Inglesina Electa Upper Black Pushchair Unit


Discover the versatility of the Inglesina Pushchair unit, offering both forward and rear-facing options with the added convenience of folding in either direction directly on the pram chassis – no need for unit removal during the folding process.

Spacious and accommodating, this pushchair unit comfortably accommodates a child up to approximately four years old, boasting a robust weight limit of 22kgs. The extendable leg rest ensures that those little legs stay delightfully comfortable.

Equipped for various weather conditions, the pushchair features an extendable hood to provide ample shade during summertime outings.

Catering to the needs of all parents, the Inglesina Electa is designed with an extendable handle, making it suitable for even the tallest individuals, accommodating adults up to 7ft in height. Elevate your strolling experience with a pushchair that effortlessly combines comfort, convenience, and adaptability for both you and your little one.

Inglesina Aptica Car Seat


Experience unmatched safety and style with the Inglesina Car Seat – seamlessly color-matched to complement your aesthetic preferences. Rigorously tested and compliant with UK i-Size regulations, this car seat is suitable for newborns up to approximately 15 months or 75cm.

Designed with your baby's safety in mind, the car seat features built-in side impact protection and a convenient hood for shielding your little one from the elements.

Included in the package is the Isofix base, ensuring optimal safety for your precious passenger. The new Isofix base is not only a 360 Rotating base but also accommodates a second-stage car seat for a smooth transition when the time comes. Plus, there's no need for adapters to attach the car seat to your stroller chassis – it effortlessly clicks into place, eliminating an extra layer of concern. Trust in the Inglesina Car Seat for a secure, stylish, and worry-free travel experience for your little one.

Chassis & Suspension features of the Electa

Experience seamless urban mobility with the Inglesina Electa, propelled effortlessly through city corners by its state-of-the-art chassis.

Efficiency meets convenience as Electa easily folds with the stroller seat mounted in both directions. Once folded, the handle and fabric components never touch the ground, ensuring cleanliness and ease of use.

Thanks to its feather-light weight, navigating stairs and public transport becomes a breeze, all while cradling your child in your arms.

When folded, the chassis transforms into a compact size resembling a travel trolley, allowing convenient storage in the smallest city car's luggage compartment.

Details at a glance:

  • Chassis Weight: 5.5kg
  • Stroller Weight: 8.7kg
  • Folded Dimensions: 50cm x 73.5cm x 28cm

The Inglesina Electa is not just a stroller; it's a city companion designed for easy, efficient, and hassle-free urban adventures.




Delivery Of Your Inglesina Electa Travel System

Delivery of your Travel System is FREE and is around 1-2 Weeks. We are on hand to help you set up if you get stuck with anything.

We will also notify you when your delivery is on its way so you can ensure you are in for your exciting delivery!!

Inglesina Electa Payment Plans

We offer payment Plans on the Inglesina Aptica as well as finance options. With the Payment plan you get your goods once all payments are made. You pay your non refundable deposit and then the rest is split equally over the amount of months you choose.

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