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Cosatto All in All Ultra 360 Rotate i-Size - Whisper

Cosatto All in All Ultra 360 Rotate i-Size - Whisper

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Experience the ultimate in convenience and safety with the Cosatto All in All Ultra 360 Rotate i-Size in Whisper. This advanced car seat boasts a seamless 360-degree rotation, facilitated by the innovative addition of a rebound bar. Enjoy smooth rotations within your vehicle, coupled with enhanced protection in the event of a collision. Elevate your travel experience with the cutting-edge features of the Cosatto All in All Ultra 360 Rotate i-Size car seat in the stylish Whisper design.

What's in the Box?

  • Ultra i-Size car seat with integrated base
  • 5 point plus anti-escape system
  • From birth multi-stage seat insert
  • Anti-slip, energy-absorbing chest and tummy protectors
  • Hood
  • Vehicle compatibility list
  • ISOFIX routing guides
  • 4-year guarantee card
  • Tuck-in tool
  • Set of instructions

Seamless 360 Degree Rotation

The All in All Ultra Rotate i-Size seat introduces effortless 360-degree rotation, enhanced by the inclusion of a rebound bar that ensures a smooth rotation within your vehicle while providing superior protection in case of a collision. This innovative car seat can be seamlessly rotated to a side-facing position, allowing easy access from the car door. The user-friendly one-handed mechanism simplifies the 360-degree rotation process, eliminating the need for strenuous stretching when lifting your baby in or securing the harness. The All in All Ultra Rotate i-Size easily locks into the desired direction of travel, transitioning seamlessly from rearward to forward-facing configurations. Experience convenience and safety in one with this advanced rotating car seat.

Spin for Longer

The All in All Ultra Rotate i-Size car seat provides an unparalleled rotating experience for an extended duration. With a seamless rotation mechanism, this car seat effortlessly rotates until the child reaches 150cm (approximately 12 years old). This unique feature enhances the convenience of the product, allowing it to be easily spun towards the door, facilitating effortless entry and exit for your toddler. Enjoy the ease of use and long-term functionality with the smooth and extended rotation capability of the All in All Ultra Rotate i-Size car seat.

Premium Safe and Secure with i-Size

The All in All Ultra Rotate i-Size car seat has undergone rigorous crash and safety testing, surpassing the latest R129/i-Size standard. Going beyond conventional testing, the i-Size standard mandates side-impact and roll-over testing, utilizing state-of-the-art crash test dummies to elevate car seat safety standards. Exceeding standard R129 speed requirements and aligning with ADAC testing levels, the All in All Ultra Rotate i-Size prioritizes comprehensive safety measures.

Equipped with a premium pop-out SIPS (side-impact protection system), this car seat absorbs forces during side-impact collisions. The deep side-wing panels and energy-absorbing foam-padded insert further enhance side-impact protection. Additionally, featuring Cosatto's exclusive 5-point plus anti-escape system, the All in All Ultra Rotate i-Size ensures added safety and security for your child. Travel with confidence, knowing that your little one is protected by advanced safety features.

Superior Comfort and Ease

The All in All Ultra Rotate i-Size car seat seamlessly merges premium comfort with top-notch security through a range of innovative features. With an extendable hood providing optimal sun protection during the transition from the infant carrier, this seat ensures maximum shade and safeguarding. Offering a versatile 4-position recline for both forward and rearward-facing configurations, your child's comfort is prioritized. The clever one-handed harness and head restraint adjustment, with multi-position capability, allows simultaneous adjustments without the hassle of rethreading, streamlining the process for your convenience. Enjoy a superior combination of comfort and safety with the All in All Ultra Rotate i-Size car seat.


Advanced Safety

Enhance your child's safety and comfort with the Cosatto All in All Ultra Rotate i-Size car seat. The 5-point safety harness ensures maximum protection during a collision by distributing forces over the strongest parts of the body. Anti-slip, energy-absorbing chest and tummy protectors offer additional comfort while minimizing your child's movement. With a from-birth, multi-stage seat insert, you can customize the support as your child grows. The plush, removable, and washable liners make maintenance a breeze, ensuring your All in All Ultra Rotate i-Size remains clean and pristine. Benefit from added convenience with the built-in stow-away harness compartment, facilitating quick and easy transitions between age modes.


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