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Bebecar Stylo Class Prive Artic Glitter 3 in 1 Travel System - Free Car Seat

Bebecar Stylo Class Prive Artic Glitter 3 in 1 Travel System - Free Car Seat

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Experience the epitome of opulence in baby carriages with the Bebecar Artic Glitter Stylo Class Pram and Pushchair, a dazzling gem within the Prive Range 2024. Far beyond a mere pram, it stands as a glittering masterpiece, seamlessly merging comfort and style for both you and your little one. Meticulous attention to detail is unveiled in the high-quality textured fabrics adorned with contrasting details, elegantly paired with a sleek chrome chassis.

Elevating its allure, the travel system is embellished with a sparkling fabric, imparting an additional touch of glamour to this already luxurious pram. The Bebecar Stylo Class not only boasts sophisticated design but also features precise engineering, ensuring that every journey is a seamless blend of unparalleled comfort and effortless style. Indulge in the extraordinary, where opulence meets practicality in the world of Bebecar.

Bebecar Artic Glitter Stylo Class 2024 Prive Range


Embark on a journey of unmatched comfort and style with the Bebecar Prive Carrycot – an exquisite sanctuary crafted for your baby's well-being. Immerse your little one in the finest cotton, ensuring a gentle touch on their sensitive skin. Effortless cleaning is guaranteed with the removable cotton lining, maintaining perpetual cleanliness and freshness.

Designed to keep your baby cool and well-ventilated, the Bebecar carrycot boasts multiple vents for proper airflow, providing enhanced comfort, especially during warm summer days. A strategically placed mesh window at the back promotes air circulation as you gracefully navigate the pram. Adjustable vents beneath the baby's mattress allow you to customize the flow of cool air to meet your baby's specific needs.

Prioritizing both comfort and safety, the Bebecar Carrycot offers four recline positions, catering to your baby's evolving needs. The flat position provides optimal spinal support for newborns, while the sitting position accommodates curious, growing babies. The adjustable backrest extends your baby's time in the carrycot, ensuring prolonged contentment and the full benefits of this essential accessory.

Transportation becomes a breeze with the convenient carry handle at the top. The easy-click system guarantees seamless attachment and detachment to the chassis. Additionally, the carrycot easily flattens, making storage effortless when not in use or during travel.

In summary, the Bebecar Carrycot stands as a versatile and convenient choice for discerning parents, offering a secure and comfortable haven for their baby's growth and relaxation.


Bebecar Artic Stylo Class Pushchair


Immerse yourself in the unparalleled versatility of the Bebecar Prive pushchair unit, offering dual seating options that adapt to your preferences – face your little one or let them embrace the world. The unit effortlessly reclines to a completely flat position, providing an ideal cocoon for newborns and ensuring optimal comfort right from the start. With substantial padding enveloping the back and sides, your baby is cradled in comfort and well-protected.

The harness, featuring two adjustable positions, is complemented by padded harness pads, adding an extra layer of luxury for your precious one. A five-point safety harness takes center stage, prioritizing your baby's safety. The easily swung-open bumper bar facilitates swift entry and exit, sparing you from unnecessary lifting and ensuring both your comfort and safety.

Designed for continuous comfort, the adjustable leg rest caters to your baby's needs at all times, creating a soothing and accommodating environment.

Paired seamlessly with the Bebecar Stylo Class Chassis, this pushchair unit harmonizes sophisticated engineering and practical design, ensuring a seamless and delightful journey for both you and your baby. Elevate your strolling experience with Bebecar, where comfort and style converge effortlessly.

Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of style and functionality with the Bebecar Stylo Class chassis—a sophisticated marvel designed to cater to your baby's utmost comfort and safety. The chassis features a folding system equipped with a double security lock, ensuring a secure and hassle-free operation. Its adjustable handle height caters to parents of all sizes, enhancing the ergonomic design for a personalized and enjoyable experience.

Provide your baby with a smooth and enjoyable ride on the Classic bouncy chassis, equipped with a four-point sprung suspension. The steerable front wheels not only add a classic touch but also offer practical movement for enhanced control. The detachable front swivel wheels feature auto-lubricated sleeves with bearings, elevating the manoeuvrability of the chassis. For added convenience, the rear wheels can be effortlessly removed.

Free Babymore Car Seat


Receive a complimentary Babymore car seat  with the Bebecar Travel System. 

Introducing the Coco i-Size Baby Car Seat – a stylish and cosy haven for your little one, suitable from birth to approximately 15 months. Adjust the headrest, remove the multi-stage body hugg inlays, and watch as your baby grows in comfort. Effortlessly install with the Coco Isofix base for quick in-and-out convenience or secure with a seatbelt. Rearward-facing for enhanced safety, enjoy peace of mind with side-impact protection. The 3-point harness system, adjustable as your little one grows, ensures a snug fit, while shoulder covers add an extra layer of comfort.

This Car seat can also be attached to your Bebecar chassis by purchasing the adapters at a cost of £30. 

There is an Isofix base that can be purchased for an additional £89

Explore the comprehensive Bebecar Stylo Class Package

This package includes a chassis

  • carrycot
  • lie-flat pushchair seat suitable from birth
  • Rain cover
  • Babymore Infant Carrier

Elevate your travel experience with optional extras such as a Bebecar Car Seat, Isofix Base, Changing Bag, and Pushchair Footmuff, adding a touch of customisation to your journey.



Experience the convenience of free delivery for your Bebecar Artic pram, complete with a personalized time window on the day of delivery. Our dedicated staff are ready to assist—just a phone call away or available for a video chat to guide you through the seamless setup of your pram.

The Bebecar Artic is handmade to order, from Order your pram will be 6-8 Weeks delivery. For more insights into our delivery process, live chat with us or call 01772 880800, where our team is eager to provide you with the information you seek. Please note your Babymore Car seat will arrive separately. 

Indulge in our flexible in-store payment plans, requiring only a 10% non-refundable deposit. Tailor the remaining payments to your preferences, spreading them across the number of months that suit you. Kindly note that your pram will be dispatched only upon the completion of all payments.

Elevate your parenting journey with Bebecar Artic—the epitome of style, comfort, and convenience.

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