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Anex Baby E Type Pram and Pushchair - Caramel Eco Leather

Anex Baby E Type Pram and Pushchair - Caramel Eco Leather

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Anex Baby E Type Pram and Pushchair - Caramel, Welcome Anex Baby to the UK with the launch of the Anex E Type Pram and Pushchair—a dream for parents who cherish leisurely walks and off-road strolls. Revel in the unmatched suspension for a smooth ride and puncture-free tires ensuring hassle-free walks. Luxurious Eco Leather fabrics add a touch of opulence.

The Anex E Type encapsulates all the qualities of an exceptional stroller: eco-friendly materials, cutting-edge technology, and user-friendly control. It's easy to maintain and offers superior comfort for your baby.

What's included in the Anex E Type:

  • Chassis
  • Carrycot with Mattress
  • Seat Unit
  • Air-Free Wheels
  • Rain Cover
  • Mosquito Net
  • Footcover for Carrycot
  • Footcover for Seat Unit
  • Basket
  • Backpack Changing Bag

The spacious Anex E Type carrycot provides a generous sleeping area of 35 x 79 x 17cm. With a user-friendly design, it's effortlessly removed with just two buttons and a convenient one-handed operation due to memory button technology. Elevate your strolling experience with Anex E Type—a perfect blend of style, comfort, and practicality.


Indulge in practical luxury with our Anex E Type Carrycot and Pushchair, both crafted from water-repellent impregnated fabric. Raindrops gracefully bead and slide off, ensuring your little one stays dry during unexpected showers. Cleaning the inside liner of the carrycot is effortlessly easy, promising a hassle-free maintenance routine.

Experience added protection with the carrycot's UV 50+ technology, absorbing over 50% of ultraviolet radiation. Embrace worry-free summer strolls as your package includes a complementary mosquito net, shielding your baby from pesky bugs and ensuring a serene outdoor experience. Elevate your parenting journey with Anex E Type—where functionality meets comfort with a touch of thoughtful design.

Anex Baby E Type Stroller Features


Experience unparalleled comfort and safety with the Anex E Type stroller, designed to cater to your baby's needs from birth. Boasting a convenient lie-flat function, this stroller adapts to both forward and rear-facing positions, ensuring optimal comfort.

With adjustable leg rest and backrest, you have full control over your baby's comfort, providing a cozy and customized environment. The 5-point harness guarantees your baby's safety and security during every stroll, while the removable bumper bar serves a dual purpose—ensuring safety and offering an added sense of security.

Your Anex E Type stroller comes complete with essential accessories for all-weather adventures, including a foot cover and a rain cover. Elevate your parenting experience with a stroller that prioritizes both comfort and safety, ensuring delightful strolls for both you and your little one.

Anex Baby Chassis Features


Discover unmatched convenience with the Anex E Type stroller – a marvel of compact design. Effortlessly fitting into even the smallest car boots, this stroller offers a super compact fold, and you can fold the chassis with the seat unit still attached for added ease.

The wheel system is a testament to excellence, featuring wear-resistant and elastic wheels made of solid polyurethane. These wheels guarantee a hassle-free walking experience, ensuring durability and dependability. The anti-wobble system prevents wheel vibration, delivering a smooth and straight ride, while the 3-part suspension system enhances the overall stroll, complemented by lockable swivel wheels.

Never compromise on storage with the closed-over basket, securely holding up to 5kgs. Say goodbye to items falling out or getting wet during your strolls. Elevate your mobility with the Anex E Type – where compact design meets superior functionality for a seamless and enjoyable strolling experience.

Travel System Compatible

The Anex E Type is travel system compatible with a range of car seats below using the car seat adapters sold separately. 

  • Maxi Cosi Citi, Cabriofix, Pebble, Pebble Plus, Rock
  • Cybex Aton 5, Aton Q, Aton M, Cloud 
  • Anex baby seat

Delivery of Your Anex Baby E Type Pram & Pushchair

Delivery of your Anex Baby E Type Pram & Pushchair is around 1-2 Weeks. We will notify you via text message to let you know your delivery is on its way and we are always on hand with a team of friendly staff to help you set up your pram and answer any questions you have. 


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