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Koochi Baby Wrap in Blue

Koochi Baby Wrap in Blue

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Introducing the Koochiwrap – Where Luxury Meets Comfort for Your Precious Newborn!

Wrap your little one in unparalleled softness with our Koochiwrap, featuring an ultra-soft velvet quilted padded inside layer. Specially designed to cocoon your newborn in a world of cosiness, this wrap provides a snug and secure feeling.

The padded lining offers essential cushioning and support, making it perfect for carrying your baby or for a comfortable stroll in the pram. Crafted from our luxurious Koochicoo fabrics and adorned with a whimsical pompom trim, the velvet adjustable ties on either side ensure a customised snug fit.

More than just a swaddle, the Koochiwrap doubles as an ideal receiving blanket, making it the perfect gift for baby showers. A must-have on every expectant mom's list of baby essentials, our Koochiwrap is a blend of style, comfort, and functionality.

Note: The Koochiwrap is suitable only for infants who are not yet mobile and cannot roll over on their own. Elevate your newborn's experience with the Koochiwrap – where every snuggle is a moment of pure luxury.

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