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Inglesina Aptica XT 3 in 1 Travel System - Tuareg Beige

Inglesina Aptica XT 3 in 1 Travel System - Tuareg Beige

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Introducing the Inglesina Aptica XT, the epitome of adaptive cruise all-terrain innovation. Immerse yourself in the elegance of Tuareg Beige, a striking addition to the Inglesina Aptica Range.

The Aptica XT effortlessly conquers diverse landscapes with its adaptive independent suspension and robust puncture-resistant wheels. Navigate through challenging terrains with ease, as this stroller glides over obstacles, ensuring your child's comfort with every stride. The exclusive Adaptive Cruise System dynamically adapts to all terrains and your child's growth, delivering maximum well-being and fluid handling even in extreme conditions.

Inglesina, a cherished family-run company from Italy, proudly presents the Aptica XT, a testament to their unwavering commitment to quality prams and travel systems. Sold in over 40 countries worldwide, Inglesina embodies values of Beauty, Love, and Elegant Style, with a relentless focus on prioritizing your baby's well-being. Collaborating with hospitals and neonatal units, they strive to provide the best strollers for your precious little one.

Your Inglesina Aptica XT Travel System package includes:

  • Inglesina Aptica Chassis
  • Aptica Pushchair Seat Unit
  • Inglesina Aptica Carrycot with Specially Developed Welcome Pad Mattress
  • Carrycot Stand: Transform your carrycot into a Moses basket or adapt your pushchair into a high chair as your baby grows.
  • Infant Carrier Car Seat with New Lie Flat Function
  • 360 Rotating Isofix Base for Infant Carrier
  • Pushchair Apron
  • Cupholder
  • Travel System Raincover

Explore additional accessories, including Matching Changing Bags, Carrycot Sleeping Bag Style Footmuff, and Pushchair Footmuff, to elevate your Inglesina Aptica XT experience.

Immerse yourself in a world of adaptable elegance, where every detail is designed for your child's comfort and your peace of mind.


Discover the extraordinary features of the Inglesina Aptica Spacious Carrycot, designed to provide unparalleled comfort and support for your little one:

  • Generous Dimensions: Measuring an expansive 79cm x 37cm, the Aptica Carrycot offers an indulgent space for your baby's peaceful rest.

  • Optimal Airflow: Multiple vents at the rear and bottom ensure continuous airflow, creating a comfortable environment for your baby at all times.

  • Adjustable Backrest: As your baby grows, the carrycot's adjustable backrest allows them to sit comfortably, maintaining full support from the exceptional mattress for undisturbed sleep.

  • Durable Design: Crafted with the finest materials, including a 3D mesh mattress and bamboo lining, the carrycot is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, ensuring the best start for your baby.

  • Extendable Sun Canopy: Shield your baby from the elements with the convenient extendable sun canopy.

  • Bassinet Stand Included: The carrycot comes with a bassinet stand, and Inglesina recommends using it as a sleeping space, akin to a traditional Moses basket.

  • Special Welcome Pad: The carrycot mattress includes a special welcome pad, designed in collaboration with a neonatal hospital, offering an unparalleled standard for your baby's well-being.

Additionally, the Inglesina Aptica Leg Support provides essential assistance for newborns:

  • Critical Support: Acknowledging the natural position of newborns' legs, this vital support aids in easing their legs into a comfortable position.

  • Adjustable and Removable: The cushion is adjustable to accommodate your baby's growth and can be removed once they are ready, with the main mattress providing continued support.

Experience the Inglesina Aptica Spacious Carrycot and Leg Support – where thoughtful design meets unmatched comfort for your baby's earliest days.


Experience customizable comfort with the Inglesina Aptica Cushion:

  • Adaptable Design: The cushion is easily adjustable, ensuring optimal support tailored to your baby's growth. Remove it effortlessly once it's no longer needed.

  • Innovative Construction: The main mattress of your carrycot lies beneath the welcome pad, offering a foundation of superior comfort for your little one.

  • Head Support Excellence: The welcome pad goes beyond by providing exceptional support to your baby's head. Its special section is designed to cradle their head, aiding in preventing flat head syndrome.

Unleash the Inglesina Aptica Cushion's ingenuity – where flexibility meets unparalleled support for your baby's evolving needs.

Inglesina Aptica XT Tuareg Beige Pushchair Unit


Experience unparalleled versatility with the Inglesina Aptica Pushchair Unit:

  • Versatile Seating Options: The pushchair unit seamlessly transitions between forward and rear-facing positions, offering flexibility for you and your baby. Its unique design allows it to be folded effortlessly in either position, eliminating the need to remove the unit for storage.

  • Spacious Comfort: Designed for longevity, the pushchair unit accommodates a child comfortably up to approximately four years old, with a generous weight limit of 22kgs.

  • Adjustable Leg Rest: Ensure your little one's legs stay cozy with the extendable leg rest, offering customisable comfort for every stage of their growth.

  • Summertime Comfort: The pushchair features an extendable hood, providing ample shade during warm summer days, ensuring your baby stays cool and protected.

  • Tall Parent-Friendly: Aptica caters to parents of all heights with its extendable handle, accommodating adults up to 7ft tall, delivering a comfortable and ergonomic pushing experience.

Elevate your strolling experience with the Inglesina Aptica Pushchair Unit, where adaptability meets spacious comfort for both you and your little one.

Inglesina Aptica Car Seat Tuareg Beige Lie Flat


Ensure safety and style with the Inglesina Aptica Car Seat:

  • Stylish Coordination: The Aptica car seat is colour-matched to seamlessly complement your stroller. Experience a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

  • Rigorous Safety Standards: Rigorously tested and compliant with UK i-Size regulations, this car seat guarantees the highest safety standards for your precious cargo.

  • Versatile Age Range: Suitable from birth up to approximately 15 months or 75cm, the car seat offers a secure and comfortable environment for your baby's early journeys.

  • Advanced Impact Protection: Built-in side impact protection ensures an additional layer of safety for your baby during car rides.

  • Innovative Lie-Flat Function: The new car seat introduces a lie-flat function, allowing you to lay your baby flat both inside the car and on the pram chassis. Embrace versatility and comfort for your little one.

  • 360 Rotating Isofix Base: Included for optimal safety, the Isofix base features a 360 rotating mechanism, simplifying the process of getting your baby in and out of the car.

  • Hassle-Free Transition: Say goodbye to adapters. The car seat effortlessly clicks onto your stroller chassis, streamlining your travel experience.

Experience peace of mind and convenience with the Inglesina Aptica Car Seat – where safety and style unite for your baby's journeys.

Chassis & Suspension features of the XT

Embark on unparalleled adventures with the Inglesina Aptica XT:

  • Adaptive Suspension System: The Aptica XT boasts an independent and adjustable suspension system, ensuring a smooth ride on all terrains. Its adaptive cruise system conquers obstacles effortlessly, providing an unparalleled cruising experience for you and your little one.

  • Commanding Wheels: Equipped with large wheels (front: 215 mm; rear: 290 mm), Aptica XT navigates various terrains with ease, overcoming obstacles effortlessly. The thoughtful design, along with rubber tires featuring a differentiated inner double-layer, reduces vibrations and stress transmitted to both the child and the handle, ensuring a comfortable journey even on rough terrain.

Experience the freedom to explore diverse landscapes with the Inglesina Aptica XT – where cutting-edge suspension meets robust design for your all-terrain adventures.

You can just the suspension according to the type of terrain. The front suspension in SOFT mode is ideal for tackling rough terrain. The HARD mode is suitable for smooth surfaces.



53cm x 90cm x 42cm Folded Dimensions


Delivery Of Your Inglesina Aptica XT Travel System

Delivery of your Travel System is FREE and is around 1-2 Weeks. We are on hand to help you set up if you get stuck with anything.

We will also notify you when your delivery is on its way so you can ensure you are in for your exciting delivery!!

Inglesina Aptica Payment Plans

We offer payment Plans on the Inglesina Aptica as well as finance options. With the Payment plan you get your goods once all payments are made. You pay your non refundable deposit and then the rest is split equally over the amount of months you choose.

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