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Inglesina Aptica 3 in 1 Travel System - Pashmina Beige

Inglesina Aptica 3 in 1 Travel System - Pashmina Beige

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Inglesina Aptica 3 in 1 Travel System - Pashmina Beige, Inglesina, a cherished family-run brand from Italy, renowned for crafting premium prams and travel systems, introduces the exquisite Inglesina Pashmina Beige 3-in-1 travel system to the UK.

Distributed across more than 40 countries globally, Inglesina upholds values of Beauty, Love, and Elegant Style. Their unwavering commitment places your baby's well-being as the top priority, fostering collaborations with hospitals and neonatal units to deliver top-notch strollers.

The comprehensive Inglesina Aptica Travel System package encompasses:

  • Inglesina Aptica Chassis
  • Aptica Pushchair Seat Unit
  • Inglesina Aptica Carrycot with a specially developed Welcome pad Mattress
  • Carrycot Stand for versatile use as a Moses Basket or with your car seat
  • Infant Carrier Car Seat with the innovative Lie Flat 2023 feature
  • 360 Rotating Isofix Base for secure positioning of the Infant Carrier
  • Pushchair Apron
  • Cupholder
  • Travel System Raincover

Explore additional accessories, including matching Changing bags, Carrycot Sleeping bag Style Footmuff, and Pushchair Footmuff, to enhance your travel system with style and functionality. Elevate your parenting experience with the timeless Inglesina Pashmina Beige 3-in-1 travel system, embodying the perfect blend of luxury and practicality.


Elevate your baby's comfort with the spacious Inglesina Aptica Carrycot, measuring an impressive 79cm x 37cm. Designed for optimal airflow, this carrycot features multiple vents at the rear and bottom, ensuring your baby's comfort in all seasons. The adjustable backrest accommodates your growing baby, allowing you to sit them up while maintaining the support of the exceptional mattress, promoting a longer usability compared to traditional lie-flat carrycots.

Crafted with precision, the carrycot boasts a special 3D mesh mattress and bamboo lining, providing a hypoallergenic and antibacterial environment. Only the finest materials have been selected to guarantee your baby the best start in their carrycot.

Shield your little one from the elements with the extendable sun canopy, offering extra protection during outdoor adventures.

Included with the Inglesina Aptica carrycot is the bassinet stand, encouraging you to use it as a traditional Moses basket. The meticulous design and fabric curation reflect Inglesina's dedication to ensuring perfection for your baby.

Discover the unique welcome pad, an integral part of the carrycot mattress. Designed in collaboration with a neo-natal hospital, this special feature sets a high standard for comfort and support, unparalleled by any other pram mattress. Provide your baby with the best start with the Inglesina Aptica Carrycot – where innovation meets excellence.


Provide your newborn with the utmost comfort using the Inglesina Aptica Carrycot's innovative Leg Support. Crafted to accommodate the natural position of newborns, this essential feature aids babies in easing their legs into a comfortable position. Once your baby is ready, simply remove the leg support for uninterrupted growth and development.

The adjustable Cushion adds an extra layer of customization, allowing you to tailor it to your baby's growth. As your baby progresses, easily remove the cushion while maintaining the superior support of the main mattress underneath. The welcome pad, a distinctive feature of the carrycot mattress, not only offers advanced support for your baby's head but also includes a specialised section designed to prevent flat head syndrome.

Inglesina understands the importance of providing a nurturing environment for your little one, and these thoughtful design elements showcase our commitment to your baby's well-being at every stage. Experience the perfect blend of innovation and care with the Inglesina Aptica Carrycot.

Inglesina Aptica Pashmina Beige Pushchair Unit


Experience unparalleled convenience and comfort with the Inglesina Aptica Pushchair unit – a versatile and user-friendly solution for modern parenting.

This adaptable pushchair unit effortlessly transitions between forward and rear-facing positions, ensuring you can interact with your little one at every step. Foldable in both configurations, there's no need to remove the unit, simplifying your on-the-go experience.

Designed to accommodate your child's growth, the spacious pushchair unit offers a generous capacity, comfortably housing a child up to around four years or reaching a weight limit of 22kgs. The extendable leg rest provides additional support for those tiny legs, ensuring a cosy and relaxed ride.

Innovative and practical, the pushchair features an extendable hood to shield your little one from the summertime sun. The 2023 model introduces a removable backrest, revealing a special 3D mesh fabric that allows cool air to flow seamlessly through the seat unit, providing superb breathability and maintaining optimal airflow during warmer days.

For parents of all heights, the Aptica caters to your needs with an extendable handle, accommodating adults up to 7ft in height. Elevate your parenting experience with the Inglesina Aptica Pushchair – where convenience, comfort, and thoughtful design converge.

Inglesina Aptica Car Seat - New Lie Flat version


Introducing the Inglesina Aptica Pashmina Beige car seat – a seamless fusion of style and safety, designed to complement the elegance of the Aptica travel system.

This meticulously crafted car seat not only matches the Pashmina Beige aesthetic but also upholds the highest safety standards. Rigorously tested and compliant with UK i-Size regulations, it ensures a secure and protective environment for your precious cargo from birth to around 15 months or 75cm.

Safety takes center stage with built-in side impact protection, offering additional reassurance during journeys. The car seat's hood provides shade, shielding your baby from the elements and ensuring a comfortable ride.

Embracing innovation, the new Lie Flat function allows you to lay your baby flat inside the car or directly on the pram chassis, adapting to various travel scenarios seamlessly.

Included in this exceptional package is the Isofix base with a 360 Rotating feature, enhancing convenience for parents. Effortlessly secure your car seat without the need for adapters – just a simple click, providing a worry-free experience.

Elevate your travel system with the Inglesina Aptica Pashmina Beige car seat – where safety, style, and functionality converge for the ultimate peace of mind.

Folded Dimensions

50cm x 90cm x 42cm


Delivery Of Your Inglesina Aptica Travel System - Pashmina Beige

Delivery of your Travel System is FREE and is around 1-2 Weeks  from placing your Order. We are on hand to help you set up if you get stuck with anything.

We will also notify you when your delivery is on its way so you can ensure you are in for your exciting delivery!!

Inglesina Aptica Payment Plans

We offer payment Plans on the Inglesina Aptica as well as finance options. With the Payment plan you get your goods once all payments are made. You pay your non-refundable deposit and then the rest is split equally over the amount of months you choose.


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