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Bebecar Stylo Class Sky Blue - New 2024 Range

Bebecar Stylo Class Sky Blue - New 2024 Range

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Bebecar Sky Blue Stylo Class Pram: Unmatched Elegance from the 2024 Prive Range

Embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury with the Bebecar Sky Blue Stylo Class Pram and Pushchair from the exclusive Specials Range 2024. Elevate your parenting experience with the epitome of sophistication and functionality.

Luxury Redefined: Bebecar Prams stand as the epitome of opulence for both you and your baby. The Sky Blue variant, a gem from the Specials Range, showcases exquisite leatherette fabrics seamlessly integrated throughout the travel system. The meticulous attention to detail sets it apart, making every outing truly special. The chrome finish on the chassis adds a touch of elegance, completing the luxurious ensemble.

2024 Range Collection: A Symphony of Quality and Style: Bebecar's latest 2024 Range Collection boasts high-quality textured fabrics with contrasting details harmoniously paired with a chrome chassis. This collection is a celebration of everyday luxury, ensuring your journey is not only stylish but also comfortable. The Bebecar Stylo Class, a masterpiece of sleek and precision engineering, transforms every outing into an effortlessly enjoyable experience.

Bebecar Sky Blue Stylo Class Range: Where Luxury Meets Practicality:
Experience the fusion of aesthetics and functionality with the Sky Blue Stylo Class, a quintessential element of the 2024 Range. Let your strolls be a testament to elegance, comfort, and the finer things in life.

Bebecar Carrycot: A Haven of Luxury and Comfort for Your Baby

Delight in the lap of luxury for your little one with the Bebecar Carrycot—a sanctuary designed with meticulous care and the highest standards of comfort.

Exquisite Cotton Lining: Our commitment to excellence is evident in every detail. The Bebecar Carrycot is adorned with the finest cotton lining, chosen with utmost care to caress your baby's delicate skin. This premium material ensures a gentle and soothing environment, making every nap and stroll a luxurious experience.

Easy Maintenance, Always Fresh: We understand the importance of cleanliness. The cotton lining is not only chosen for its softness but also for its practicality. Effortlessly remove and clean the lining, ensuring that your baby's carrycot remains a haven of freshness at all times. Convenience meets luxury in the Bebecar Carrycot.

Bebecar: Where Every Detail Speaks Luxury: At Bebecar, we believe that even the smallest details matter. From the choice of materials to the ease of maintenance, our Carrycot embodies the essence of luxury for both you and your baby. Elevate your parenting journey with Bebecar—where sophistication meets practicality.


Bebecar Carrycot: Elevating Comfort and Safety for Your Little One

Optimal Ventilation for Summer Bliss: The Bebecar Carrycot is ingeniously designed to keep your baby cool and comfortable during warm weather. Multiple vents strategically placed ensure a constant flow of fresh air. A mesh window at the back enhances air circulation while strolling, creating a breezy haven for your little one. Beneath the baby's mattress, adjustable vents integrated into the base contribute to the optimal flow of cool air, ensuring a serene and refreshing experience.

Comfort and Safety at Every Stage: Prioritising your baby's well-being, the Bebecar Carrycot boasts four recline positions. Lay it flat for newborns, providing essential support to their growing spines and backs. As your baby becomes more inquisitive, adjust the position to a sitting angle. The flexible adjustable backrest extends the carrycot's usability, keeping your baby content and secure for an extended period.

Convenience in Every Detail: Transporting your little one is effortless with the carry handle atop the carrycot. The easy-click system guarantees seamless attachment to and detachment from the chassis. Beyond the journey, the carrycot can be collapsed flat, simplifying storage in your car or home when not in use. Bebecar understands that convenience complements comfort, ensuring a delightful experience for both you and your baby.


Bebecar Sky Blue Stylo Class Pushchair: Where Style Meets Practicality: The journey becomes a stylish affair with the Bebecar Sky Blue Stylo Class Pushchair. Beyond its chic design, this pushchair encapsulates the essence of practicality and comfort. Explore the world with confidence, knowing that Bebecar has thoughtfully crafted every detail to make your parenting journey both stylish and convenient.

Bebecar Stylo Class Chassis: Elevating Your Baby's Comfort and Safety

Versatile Seating Options: The Bebecar Stylo Class Chassis opens up a world of possibilities for you and your baby. With the pushchair unit offering both parent-facing and world-facing options, you have the flexibility to create the perfect setting for your little one. The pushchair unit's ability to recline completely flat ensures it is suitable from birth, embracing your baby in comfort right from the start.

Sumptuous Comfort Where It Matters: Comfort takes centre stage with substantial padding enveloping the back and sides of the seat unit. Your baby's protection and well-being are paramount, and Bebecar ensures a plush environment at all times. The harness, equipped with two positions and padded harness pads, not only guarantees safety but also pampers your baby with maximum comfort.

Safety Redefined: Bebecar prioritises your baby's safety with a five-point safety harness. Effortless accessibility is achieved through a bumper bar that can be swung open, eliminating the need for excessive lifting when placing your baby in or taking them out of the pushchair.

Tailored Comfort with Adjustable Leg Rest: Every detail is designed to enhance your baby's comfort. The adjustable leg rest ensures that your little one is at ease throughout the journey, making the Bebecar Stylo Class Chassis the epitome of thoughtful and luxurious parenting.

Bebecar Stylo Class Chassis: Where Style Meets Unrivalled Comfort and Safety

Stylish, Feature-Packed Design: The Bebecar Stylo Class chassis isn't just a style statement; it's a sanctuary of comfort and a haven of safety for your little one. Packed with features, this chassis ensures every journey is a delightful experience for both parent and baby.

Innovative Folding System: Effortless convenience is at your fingertips with the chassis's folding system, equipped with a double security lock. Embrace ease of use while prioritising your baby's safety, making it a seamless addition to your parenting lifestyle.

Tailored to Fit All Heights: The adjustable handle height transforms the Stylo Class chassis into the perfect pushchair, catering to both the tallest and smallest of parents. Enjoy a customisable experience that adapts to your individual needs, ensuring a comfortable grip and effortless manoeuvring.

Smooth Rides with Four-Point Sprung Suspension: The classic bouncy chassis is engineered with a four-point sprung suspension system, promising the smoothest rides for your little one. Every bump and groove is absorbed, guaranteeing a comfortable journey that exceeds your expectations.

Practical Movement with Steerable Front Wheels: The front wheels of the classic chassis aren't just for show—they're steerable, providing a classic aesthetic with practical movement. Navigate through your day with the perfect blend of style and manoeuvrability.

Auto-Lubricated Swivel Wheels: The front swivel wheels, easily detachable and featuring auto-lubricated sleeves with bearings, offer superior manoeuvrability. Effortlessly glide through any terrain, ensuring an uninterrupted and enjoyable stroll.

Optional Bebecar Car Seat: Complete your Bebecar Travel System with the optional Bebecar Car Seat, seamlessly integrating safety and style. Elevate your parenting journey with the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and sophistication.

Bebecar Sky Blue Stylo Class Travel System: Elevate Your Journey with Unmatched Comfort and Safety

Ultimate Bebecar Travel System: Experience the epitome of safety and style with the Bebecar Sky Blue Car Seat, seamlessly creating the ultimate Bebecar Travel System. Redesigned with precision, this lie-flat car seat ensures an unparalleled level of comfort and protection for your little one.

Redesigned Lie-Flat Comfort: The Easymaxi car seat boasts a newly redesigned lie-flat feature with added side impact protection and a plush padded interior. Experience ease and safety as you effortlessly secure the car seat in your vehicle without the need for an extra base.

Optional Isofix Base for Enhanced Security: For an added layer of security, an optional Isofix base is available for purchase, seamlessly integrating with the car seat. Elevate your peace of mind with this optional accessory designed for enhanced safety.

Effortless Integration with Chassis: Skip the hassle of clips and adaptors—your Bebecar car seat effortlessly fixes to the chassis. Enjoy the convenience of a smooth transition between pram and car seat without any fuss.

Soft and Washable Padding: The car seat's soft and comfortable padding ensures a cozy ride for your baby. Easy to maintain, the removable fabrics can be machine-washed, keeping your little one's space clean and inviting.

Advanced Side Impact Protection: The car seat prioritises safety with added side impact protection in the head wing and hip areas. Ensure maximum resistance and safety in the event of a lateral impact, offering you peace of mind during every journey.

Certified Compliance and Specifications: Rest assured with the knowledge that all Bébécar product components are crafted in continental Europe, meeting safety standards with the utmost rigor and quality. The car seat is suitable for babies from 0 to 13 kg (0 to 15 months), weighing only 4 kg and compliant with the i-Size Standard.


  • Suitable from 0-13 kg (0 to 15 months)
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Compliant with i-Size Standard

Bebecar Sky Blue Stylo Class Package Inclusions:

  • Chassis
  • Carrycot
  • Lie-flat pushchair seat (suitable from birth)
  • Raincover

Optional Extras to Enhance Your Experience:

  • Bebecar Car Seat
  • Isofix Base
  • Changing Bag
  • Pushchair Footmuff


Effortless Delivery and Support: Enjoy free delivery with a specified time window for your convenience. Our dedicated staff are available via phone call or video chat to assist you in setting up your pram. Delivery is within 2-3 working days for these beautiful prams. For more delivery information, live chat with us or call 01772 880800.

*Note: International Shipping incurs an extra fee—email for a shipping quote.

Flexible In-Store Payment Plans: Secure your Bebecar White Rose Package with a 10% non-refundable deposit, with the remaining balance split over the months of your choosing. Your pram will be delivered upon the completion of all payments, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

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