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Bebecar Ip-Op Silver Grey 3 in 1 Travel System

Bebecar Ip-Op Silver Grey 3 in 1 Travel System

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Discover unparalleled convenience with the Bebecar Ip-Op Silver Grey Travel System, a seamlessly integrated solution for modern parenting. This comprehensive system features the Ip-Op chassis, a carrycot, a reversible pushchair seat, and an Easymaxi Basic infant car seat. Effortlessly transitioning between these units is a breeze – no adaptors required, ensuring smooth journeys for you and your baby.

The Ip-Op chassis boasts a user-friendly one-handed folding mechanism, effortlessly collapsing to a remarkably compact size. Balancing spaciousness for your baby and a compact design for on-the-go parents, the Bebecar Ip-Op Silver Grey is the epitome of the perfect pram. Elevate your travel experience with style, functionality, and ease.

Bebecar Carrycot Features: Luxurious Comfort and Safety

Indulgent Luxury for Your Baby

The Bebecar Carrycot sets the standard for baby luxury. Crafted with the utmost care, only the finest cotton is selected to line your baby's haven, ensuring a delicate touch on their sensitive skin. The easily removable cotton lining guarantees that your baby's carrycot remains impeccably clean and fresh at all times.

Optimal Ventilation for Every Season

Experience exceptional comfort with the Bebecar carrycot's thoughtful ventilation features. Multiple vents ensure your baby stays cool during summer, with a mesh window at the back facilitating the circulation of refreshing air as you push the pram. Adjustable vents beneath the baby's mattress further enhance airflow, providing customizable comfort.

Comfort and Safety Priority

The Bebecar Carrycot offers versatility with four recline positions, from a flat position ideal for newborns to a more upright setting for curious little ones. The adjustable backrest allows for prolonged use, ensuring your baby remains content while benefiting from the carrycot's advantages.

Convenient and User-Friendly Design

Designed for ease, the carry handle on top allows for effortless transportation, while the easy click system ensures seamless attachment and removal from the chassis. The collapsible feature adds convenience, allowing the carrycot to be flat-packed for easy storage in your car or when not in use.

Bebecar Ip-Op Silver Grey Pushchair: Elevate Your Strolling Experience


Bebecar Pushchair Unit: Versatile Comfort and Safety

Customizable Facing Options

Your Bebecar Pushchair unit offers adaptability, allowing your baby to face either you or the world. Versatility is key as the pushchair unit can be reclined to lay completely flat, making it suitable for newborns and providing a secure environment from the very start.

Premium Comfort Features

Ample padding in the back and sides of the seat unit ensures your baby's comfort and protection. The harness, with two positions and padded harness pads, adds an extra layer of comfort while the five-point safety harness prioritizes your baby's safety. For easy access, the bumper bar can be effortlessly swung open, eliminating the need to lift your baby too much.

Tailored for Comfort and Ease

An adjustable leg rest further contributes to your baby's comfort, ensuring a content and supported position at all times.

Bebecar Ip-Op Chassis: Style Meets Safety

Stylish Design with Advanced Features

The Bebecar Ip-Op chassis isn't just stylish; it's a powerhouse of features designed for your baby's comfort and safety. The rolling folding system ensures ease of use, and the adjustable handle height caters to parents of varying heights.

Smooth Ride with Superior Wheel Technology

Experience a smooth ride with rear wheels fitted with ball bearings and adjustable suspension, providing optimal comfort on any terrain. The front swivel wheels, easily detachable, boast auto-lubricated sleeves with bearings for enhanced maneuverability. Removing the rear wheels is a breeze, adding to the overall convenience of the Bebecar Ip-Op Chassis.

Elevate Your Strolling Experience with Bebecar's Premium Pushchair and Chassis Combination.

Bebecar ip-op Silver Grey Car Seat - New Lie Flat 2024 Car Seat


Bebecar Lie Flat Car Seat: Ingenious Comfort and Safety

Smart Reclining System

The Lie Flat car seat features a clever system allowing the backrest to recline seamlessly to the lie-flat position, providing optimal comfort for your baby during travel. The handle, conveniently foldable backward, ensures easy access to your little one.

Effortless Safety and Adjustability

Securing your baby is a breeze with the one-pull three-point safety harness adjuster. The two-position adjustable base adds versatility, enabling the seat to gently rock for soothing moments or remain fixed for feeding.

Comprehensive Bebecar Ip-op Silver Grey Package: Elevate Your Parenting Experience

Quality Assurance and Matching Accessories

Rest assured with the knowledge that all Bébécar product components are crafted in continental Europe, meeting the highest safety standards with rigorous quality control. The Bebecar Ip-op Silver Grey Package includes the Chassis, Carrycot, Lie-flat pushchair seat (suitable from birth), and a Raincover.

Optional Extras for Personalization

Enhance your pram experience with optional extras, including the Isofix Base, Changing Bag, and Pushchair Footmuff, available separately to cater to your specific needs and preferences.


Delivery and Payment Plans for Your Convenience: Enjoy free delivery within 2-4 working days, with a specified time window provided on the day of delivery. Our staff are ready to assist you with pram setup via phone call or video chat. In-store payment plans offer flexibility, requiring a 10% non-refundable deposit, with the remainder split over the number of months you choose. Rest assured, your pram will only be delivered once all payments are complete.

Experience Elegance and Ease with Bebecar's Ip-Op Silver Grey Pram.

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