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The SnuzPod 4 White is the New Bedside crib from Snuz. With a SnuzPod 4 White, you get lots of brilliant changes from the older models. Better breathability and airflow helps regulate babies' body temperature. New Mattress air flow vents and extra-base ventilation. All help towards a better night's sleep for your baby. 

There is an addition of a new air-permeable liner that wraps around the inside of your baby's crib. The new Snuz pod 4 also fits more beds than any other dropside bed crib, fitting up to an adult mattress height of 73cm safely. For safety, the New Snuzpod also meets the new safety standard for bedside cribs which is the new BS EN 1130:2019 standard. 

The Snuzpod now has a zip-down half wall which is another requirement of the new standard ensuring there is a safe barrier between parent and baby. 

snuzpod 4 white bedside crib new 2020

The New Snuzpod 4 is designed to ensure your little one can sleep safely, feed easily, and be even closer with the all-new SnuzPod4 bedside crib! Boasting a stunning new look and brand new features, making it the perfect sleep solution from newborn to 6 months. 

SnuzPod Features 

Reflux recline, The amazing reflux recline is super safe and super easy to do. Included is a separate reflux leg which gives a gentle recline to the SnuzPod, which is an amazing support for your little one if they suffer from reflux. 

snuzpod 4 reflux tilt white

Lighter Bassinet, The new Snuz Pod 4 has a lighter bassinet which is 30% Lighter than older SnuzPod models. It is also 20% More spacious than the old SnuzPods making this the best SnuzPod made. The rocking stand ensures a gentle soothing motion for baby if needed. and the transportation of the bassinet ensures there is no need to buy a Moses basket for downstairs! 

snuzpod 4 changes

Dual View Breathable Mesh, The dual view allows you to see baby and baby see you but also allows air to circulate freely around the SnuzPod. A zip down wall makes night feeds super easy and allows you to keep baby safely in their own sleep space. 

snuz pod dusk grey

Supportive mattress included, Made only with materials certified to Oeko-Tex 100 Class 1 (Baby), guaranteeing no harmful chemicals or substances.

  • Dual-view breathable mesh walls
  • Hand washable fabric
  • Reflux leg, attachable to either side of the crib
  • Rockable stand
  • UK designed, made from sustainably sourced Beech wood
  • Fits Divan and framed beds

SnuzPod White Savings Bundle!! 

Included in your SnuzPod bundle is.. 

  • SnuzPod
  • Twin Pack of Crib Sheets
  • Mattress Protector
  • SnuzCloud Sleep Aid
  • Snuz Pouch Pocket
  • Snuz Pod Mobile

Everything you need to provide a perfect night's sleep for your baby! 

snuzpod white complete bundle



Delivery of your SnuzPod is 2-3 Working Days and is FREE. We will keep you informed via text message. Or Click and Collect in Store.

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