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KinderKraft Trike EasyTwist - Bird

KinderKraft Trike EasyTwist - Bird

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KinderKraft Trike EasyTwist - Bird, Explore the KinderKraft Trike EasyTwist, an ideal ride for toddlers aged 9 months to 30+. Effortlessly turn your baby around with the 360° swivel seat using the CLICK&TWIST system. This trike features a modular design, adapting to your growing toddler's needs and enhancing their pedalling skills for independent riding. The captivating Freedom pattern, adorned with embroidery and a bird, adds a touch of beauty. This trike promotes sensory development, motor coordination, and motor skills on every walk. With a magnesium alloy frame, roomy seat, reclining backrest, UPF 50+ fabric hood, and puncture-proof wheels, it's the perfect blend of comfort and functionality.


Lightweight and durable magnesium alloy frame

Experience the KinderKraft Trike EasyTwist with a lightweight and durable magnesium alloy frame. As your child transitions to independent maneuvers, this frame aids in balancing and control. Crafted in one cast for enhanced aesthetics and durability, the frame is corrosion-resistant and absorbs vibrations, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for your toddler. Nothing will disturb the fun, making this trike a reliable and stylish companion for your child's adventures.

CLICKTWIST 360? swivel seat

Elevate your toddler's trike experience with the CLICKTWIST 360° swivel seat in the KinderKraft Trike EasyTwist. Offering versatility, your child can easily switch between eye contact with the parent or enjoying the surroundings. The user-friendly CLICKTWIST system allows you to effortlessly press a button and turn the seat, providing a seamless transition between positions. This innovative feature ensures a dynamic and interactive ride, making every journey a delightful experience for both child and parent.

Adjustable backrest

Enhance your child's trike adventure with the KinderKraft Trike EasyTwist's adjustable backrest. Whether on a dynamic ride or a need for a short nap, the flexible backrest ensures a comfortable sitting or reclining position. This thoughtful feature caters to your child's varying preferences, providing the perfect balance between playfulness and relaxation. Make every trike journey enjoyable and adaptable with the EasyTwist's versatile and adjustable design.

Adjustable hood for all weather

Experience convenience in all weather conditions with the KinderKraft Trike EasyTwist's adjustable hood. Whether strolling under intense sun, in windy weather, or light rain, the wide, waterproof hood made of UPF 50+ fabric provides optimal protection for your toddler. The EASYTWIST feature allows you to effortlessly adjust the hood's incline with a single move, ensuring your child stays comfortable, especially during naps. Additionally, the hood window allows discreet monitoring of your child, making every journey worry-free and adaptable to changing weather.

Modular desig

Unlock the full potential of your child's development with the KinderKraft Trike EasyTwist's modular design. As your child grows, this trike adapts to their changing needs, improving pedaling skills and preparing them for independent riding. The EASYTWIST feature ensures continuous development, transforming the trike into a light tricycle. With this innovative design, the KinderKraft Trike EasyTwist becomes a lasting companion on your child's journey of growth and exploration.

Wide seat with comfortable backrest

Wide seat with comfortable backrest

In this trike, the child has guaranteed comfort thanks to the wide seat and comfortable backrest that'll provide stable support and ensure correct posture.


For children aged from 9 months to 5 years
Weight 10 kg
height (parent handle) 102 cm
height (tricycle with hood) 130 cm
width (front wheel) 34 cm
height (front wheel) 25 cm
height (rear wheel): 22 cm


Delivery Of Your Kinderkraft EasyTwist Trike

Delivery is 2-4 Working Days from Purchase. Register your warranty within 30 days for a 10-year guarantee. 



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