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Kinderkraft Tik Stroller - Forest Green

Kinderkraft Tik Stroller - Forest Green

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The Kinderkraft TIK in beautiful forest green effortlessly combines convenience and comfort in a sleek design. This lightweight umbrella stroller boasts a swift folding mechanism, allowing you to collapse it within seconds. Weighing a mere 6.5 kg, it stands out as an ideal travel companion, particularly for extended vacations.

The TIK stroller excels in versatility, proving suitable for various travel scenarios such as airports, trains, and public transportation. For added convenience during transport, it features a practical handle. The stroller's design includes a gradual backrest adjustment, allowing for a lie-flat position and an adaptable footrest for your child's comfort.

Equipped with lightweight, puncture-resistant wheels that eliminate the need for inflation, the TIK stroller offers smooth manoeuvrability. The two front wheels can be locked for more challenging terrains, ensuring stability on uneven roads. These wheels excel in shock absorption, making them perfect for navigating uneven pavements.

Moreover, the expandable hood shields your little one from the elements, providing protection against the sun, wind, and rain. The spacious basket beneath the stroller accommodates all your shopping needs during leisurely walks, completing the TIK stroller's profile as a stylish and functional solution for modern parents on the go.


Introducing the TIK, an umbrella stroller expertly crafted for both holiday adventures and daily strolls. Remarkably lightweight at just 6.5 kg, the TIK excels in portability, making it the perfect companion for any occasion. Its seamless folding mechanism ensures quick and effortless storage, while the inclusion of a handy carry handle adds a layer of convenience, especially for tasks like effortlessly navigating stairs with the stroller in tow. Elevate your journey and daily routine with the TIK – where ease of use meets modern design.


Indulge your little one's penchant for napping on-the-go with the TIK's lie-flat position feature. Easily recline the backrest to create a cosy sleeping space, and customise the experience by adjusting the footrest. Now, you can continue your explorations with the assurance that your child is comfortably resting after a day filled with exciting experiences. The lie-flat position on the TIK is not just a feature; it's a thoughtful touch that enhances both convenience and the joy of shared moments.

kinderkraft-tik-grey-4.pngDiscover the versatility of the TIK's foldable hood – a dynamic shield against the elements for your child. This extendable hood not only offers ample shade but also acts as a protective barrier from wind and light drizzles. A thoughtful addition, the hood comes equipped with a window, allowing you to maintain visual contact with your little one. Peek in to catch glimpses of their world, ensuring a seamless blend of protection and connection as you navigate your adventures together. The TIK's foldable hood is more than just a protective feature; it's a window to shared moments and uninterrupted exploration.


Beneath the seat, the TIK boasts a generously roomy basket that effortlessly accommodates your essentials. This easily accessible compartment is designed to hold more than just small groceries – it's a convenient space for stashing must-have accessories for your stroll. From wet wipes and muslin cloths to your child's favourite toys, the spacious basket ensures that everything you need is within arm's reach, enhancing both practicality and enjoyment during your outings with the TIK.


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