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Avionaut Pixel Pro 2.0 Navy Infant Carrier and Isofix Base

Avionaut Pixel Pro 2.0 Navy Infant Carrier and Isofix Base

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Purchase the Avionaut Pixel Pro 2.0 in Navy complete with Matching Isofix Base, now fortified with the groundbreaking Cloud Care technology. This infant carrier transcends conventional safety standards, delivering exceptional protection for your baby. The Pixel Pro stands as a refined evolution of the beloved and award-winning Pixel, incorporating dynamic technological advancements that redefine safety, comfort, and functionality.

Crafted with meticulous precision, the Pixel Pro newborn and infant seat showcases an upgraded EPP structure, ensuring optimal protection. The upholstery, now softer and more skin-friendly, envelops your little one in a cocoon of comfort. Additionally, a newly extended hood adds an extra layer of protection, shielding the young passenger from external elements.

The innovative Cloud Care feature takes comfort to unprecedented heights. This includes a plush insert featuring a soft, enveloping system made of memory foam. Easily identifiable by the distinctive blue cloud tag sewn into the seat's fabric, this memory foam acts as a protective barrier, absorbing impact forces during potential collisions and safeguarding the child's body.

Cloud Care guarantees an unparalleled level of cosiness, ensuring that your baby travels in the lap of luxury. Avionaut Pixel Pro 2.0 in Navy, with its advanced features and Cloud Care technology, transcends being just an infant carrier; it stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to creating safer, more comfortable, and more functional solutions for modern parents.



Installation direction


Assembly method

Isofix IQ 2.0 C

Removable upholstery


Newborn insert


Harness height adjustment


Modular system



2 lata

Post-accident replacement

2 lata



Seat weight

2,5 kg

A discerning choice is one that effortlessly carries its own weight.

Despite undergoing refinements, the Pixel Pro proudly maintains a hallmark feature that garnered acclaim for its predecessor: unparalleled lightness. Tipping the scales at a mere 2.5 kg, it stands as the undisputed featherweight champion in the market of car seats. Remarkably, this lightness doesn't compromise safety; thanks to innovative EPP material, the Pixel Pro provides effective protection for the child in the event of a road incident.

Ensuring precision in every journey, the modular insert guarantees the proper positioning of the baby, while the upholstery, enriched with high-quality cotton, fosters improved air circulation for enhanced travel comfort. Adding to its capabilities, the Pixel Pro introduces an extended, independent hood, serving as a shield against the sun and other external elements.

In essence, the Pixel Pro stands as a testament that a wise decision can be both light and substantial, embodying a harmonious blend of weightless design and robust safety features for a truly elevated travel experience.


Avionaut Pixel Pro 2.0: Elevating Safety and Comfort

  1. European Excellence: Adhering to the latest European safety standards (i-Size and ECE-R129), Pixel Pro 2.0 excels in safety, surpassing the rigorous ADAC test and earning acclaim from AGR, the German Association for Healthy Back.

  2. Effortless Mobility: Weighing a mere 2.5 kg, Pixel Pro 2.0 effortlessly accompanies you on the move, ensuring convenience without compromising safety.

  3. Ecological Ergonomics: Crafted with ecological EPP material, Pixel Pro 2.0 guarantees the highest standards of ergonomics and safety, aligning seamlessly with environmental consciousness.

  4. Luxurious Fabric Upgrade: Immerse yourself in the new Pixel Pro experience with natural fabric boasting a high cotton content and an even more skin-friendly structure, elevating comfort to unprecedented heights.

  5. Extended Protection: Embrace enhanced protection with a longer, independent, air-permeable hood made of fabric equipped with a UV filter, shielding your little one from the elements.

The included dual Isofix base adds longevity to your Avionaut Pixel Pro Pink Infant Carrier. As your baby grows, seamlessly transition to the Avionaut Aerofix on the same base for continued safety and convenience.


**Delivery Information:**

Your Avionaut Pixel Pro and base is on its way! Anticipate delivery within 3-5 working days. We'll keep you informed via text messages and email notifications, ensuring you stay in the loop and never miss the arrival of your essential car seat.

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