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Kinderkraft Neste Up is a co-sleeper cot. This next-to-me-style crib is the perfect place for the baby to sleep from newborn. The crib has multiple heights and will easily strap on to your bed frame for safety. 

The Kinderkraft Neste also features a recline to help babies with reflux by tilting the crib if required. 

Adjustable legs and height

Adjustable legs and height

Adjustable legs – NESTE UP can be easily adapted to the bed frame. The cot features a five-step height adjustment, so you can better tailor it to your bed.

Adjustable mattress incline

Adjustable mattress incline

The angle of incline of the mattress can be adjusted to two different levels. If your little one has a cold and you want to make breathing at night easier, all you need to do is adjust the top end of the mattress.

Easy to attach

Easy to attach

The NESTE UP co-sleeper cot can be easily attached to the parents' bed. The long straps allow it to be tailored to various types of beds.

Mesh on one of the side

Mesh on one of the sides

The mesh ensures better airflow for your little one, and you can see what they're up to at all times.

Strong frame and wheels to make moving easier

Strong frame and wheels to make moving easier

The NESTE UP co-sleeper cot has a frame made of strong steel. This makes it stable, and the cot will serve you throughout your child's infancy period. The wheels mean you can move the cot from the bedroom to the living room easier and quicker without scratching the floor.

Easy to clea

Easy to clean

The cot features pleasant and easy-to-clean material with an interesting design. The trendy colours will suit most interiors in all sorts of styles. The cot cover can be machine washed.

Delivery Of Your Kinderkraft Neste

Delivery is 2-3 Working Days from Purchase. Register your warranty within 30 days for a 10-year guarantee. 



Kinderkraft 10 Year Manufacturing Warranty, When registered within 30 Days of purchase.

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