Grass + Air Infant Wellies - Jade

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Grass + Air Infant Wellies in Jade Green, Baby Grass and Air colour changing wellies. Beautiful pastel wellies available in Pink, Blue, Green, Coral and Grey.

Let you little one experience the thrill of their first splash of puddle in a warm, watertight boot. Essential kit for little feet with attitude.

grass and air colour changing wellies - jade green

Made with clever technology, the raindrop pattern on our little kids color-revealing baby Jade wellies change colour as they get wet! Meaning all the raindrops come alive in to beautiful colours. 

Marauding through parks, puddles and urban playgrounds near you, this collection of chalky grey, pink, coral, jade and blue colour-reveal wellies offers the tiniest of adventurers a chance to go wild outside. Where will you and your little one explore? 

Pair with our fleece welly socks here 


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