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Introducing the New Egg Z Stroller in Feather, a premium stroller from Egg. 

egg® has always been smitten with the smallest of details. That button; this stitch of fabric, those buckle clasps, the treads on that tyre. It’s the dozens of tiny individual decisions that make the complete finished product so perfect. After all, everything we do is based on looking after babies, the smallest of people, so every miniscule part is important and makes a difference.

When we had the big idea to create another egg® stroller we asked ourselves how small can we go?

There are lots of tiny strollers available though, so we tweaked the question – how small can we go without compromising the luxury, convenience and safety that the egg brand offers.

The answer is…eggZ®

We started with everything that is loved about our larger egg2® stroller; such as the easy push and smooth ride, the exquisite tailoring of the fabrics, the curves of the chassis. Then we focussed on maintaining the maximum comfort for your precious passenger and the ease of use that has become one of our hallmarks.

Our end result is big stroller features and functionality, in a small package.

Included in Your Egg Z Stroller Package

  • Egg Z Premuim Stroller 
  • Egg Z Raincover


Egg Z Features

egg z stoller feather recline

The Egg Z features a 3 step recline position, Suitable from birth with a 3-position recline, the eggZ®seat offers a cocoon like environment for baby and a sumptuous sit for toddlers with its soft-touchfabrics and deep padding. A simple one-touch handle recline makes life much easier than the strap recline systems on other strollers, and ease of use ispushed to the max with our ingenious magnetic buckle system on the harness.Theseat canopy features a‘hidden’ventilation net, whichcan also be used as a viewing window,and is easily extended to offer large coverage with UPF 50+sun protection. 


A super Compact fold that will Freestand in your home with ease. 

egg z stoller folded

Ventilation System, with 103cm handle height. 

egg z ventilation system

eggZ®Folded Dimensions

Boxed (stroller and seat unit)H64 x W44.5 x D30cm–11.72kg

Stroller H67.5 x D30 x W48cm
(Bumper bar removed)

Unfolded DimensionsWeight

H111 x D84.5 x W48cm9.5kg

Backrest Height–48cm

Chassis without wheels  H69 x W50 x D30.5cm–7kg

Front wheel diameter–15.5cm

Rear wheel diameter–18cm

Handle height–103cm–

Shopping basket capacity––3kg


Delivery Of Your Egg Z Stroller

The Egg Z is on Pre Order, the first arrival dates for this stroler is June 2022. As soon as the strollers arrive we will dispatch the next day to you.