Personalised Baby Gifts and Clothing Preston, Lancashire

Personalised Baby Gifts and Clothing Preston, Lancashire

Posted by Baby Boutique UK on Sep 14, 2022

Here at Baby Boutique we love supporting things right on our door step! We love small businesses and local people working hard. We had a request of a customer he was in search of a personalised Baby grow to surprise his partner. Unfortunately here at Baby Boutique we do not offer this service but we do offer amazing service to our customers, So I searched on google and found a local business where he could literally go and collect! He was so grateful to me for finding this for him. It was Gifts Mania UK. They are based in Preston, Lancashire not too far from our store. 

We have since spoken with the guys at Gifts Mania and they said they were delighted they could help our customer and super glad we found them. You can check out all of the personalised items they do on there website Gifts Mania Uk

What will you put on your personalised baby grow? Perhaps use it as a gender revel or Baby revels are super popular with the date baby is due on to announce to family. 

What ever you want to put on there I am sure gifts mania in Preston will be able to assist you!