Baby Boutique Baby Store Features on the Radford's TV Show

Baby Boutique Baby Store Features on the Radford's TV Show

Posted by Baby Boutique Preston on Mar 06, 2021

We have been keeping this secret for what seems like ages! We were approached by Channel 5 TV series The Radford's to come to our store to shop for there new arrival baby Ophelia. 

Millie Radford is daughter to Noel and Sue Radford and we are sure with a loving family round her and all of her 21 sibling's Baby Ophelia will be surely loved by all. Noel and Sue were so excited to come baby shopping to our store, Sue said it was defiantly a different experience now shopping as a grandparent rather than a mum, but as all excited grandparents are they want to buy the best for there grandchild. 

We filmed the channel 5 Show the Radford's at our Baby Shop, On Saturday afternoon. It was very exciting. We were very nervous knowing not only were we being filmed but we knew Sue must defiantly be an experts in Prams. After all 22 Children later she is bound to of seen it all right?

We were so excited to chat With Sue and Noel, and chatted about Brands such as Emmaljunga and there push for a Carbon Neutral factory and a sustainable future. We wanted to recommend to Sue a pram we felt would fit in with there busy lifestyle and would be easy for Millie as a first time Mum. 

The travel system you see us chatting about it the Inglesina Aptica, With its super easy fold and amazing bassinet that is used as a full time sleep space (meaning no need for a moses basket or next to me) Surely fit the families lifestyle. When we recommended it as a store Sue and Noel had not heard of Inglesina which gave us an excellent opportunity to share the brands heritage in Italy and tell them all about the Inglesina factory and how the pram is made. 

The Children that came with Sue and Noel for sure had fun pushing around our Dolls prams in store and everyone I think made use of our in store Buggy track. 

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Check out the trailer for the up and coming show here: 

We wish the Whole Radford Family all the best and they were a pleasure to host in store and we can not wait to see the full Show on Monday's Episode.

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