Are Venicci Prams any good?

Are Venicci Prams any good?

Posted by Baby Boutique UK on Aug 15, 2022

Are Venicci Prams any good? Is all the hype about Venicci prams correct? Are Venicci prams good quality and well built? Are Venicci prams good value for money? 

We Aim to Answer All these questions at Baby Boutique UK. 

Baby Boutique has been a Venicci Stockist for around 7 Years, within those 7 years we have seen less quality brands pop up and then very quickly disappear from our stores due to lack of quality, or poor customer service. 

Venicci has been a strong brand since day one, in terms of levels of service, build quality and styling. They seem to effortlessly tick every box. 

So on to the most important question, Are Venicci Prams any good? 

Well in our Expert opinion absolutely. The build quality is amazing, we have customers coming back to us to use their Venicci prams for there second and sometimes even third babies, We always give them a check over in store and make sure everything is perfect for our customers. Venicci prams feature design ideas to make parenting simpler, like the easy on and off systems for the c

arrycot and seat units. The zip off liners that you can wash to ensure your pram is kept clean and pristine. Puncture proof tires because who needs to deal with the stress of a punctured tire on a beautiful walk! 

All as well as being super stylish too! 

So we have covered that Venicci prams are really good and we think defiantly worth the hype! With an amazing build quality. Also backed up by there door to door warranty service should anything go wrong. They will send a courier to collect the item from your door fix it and deliver it back to your door. An amazing door to door warranty service from the comfort of your home. 

Are Venicci Prams good value for money? 

Venicci Pack everything but the kitchen sink in to there pram packages! Everything you will need to transport baby comfortably and safely. 

There are different packages depending on if you require a car seat or not, but all packages feature, Carrycot, Pushchair Seat unit, Changing Bag, Rain Cover, Insect net and either extras like rear wheel covers or travel changing mats depending on model. 

The only extra you might need is an isofix base if you require one. 

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