Bebecar dolls Pram in Candy Pink

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Bebecar dolls prams! Bebecar dolls pram Candy Pink!

The Bebecar dolls prams are stunning just like the real prams! The carrycot can be removed!

The chassis folds and the wheels come off just like the real pram. You get a changing bag included which matches your little ones pram beautifully.

bebecar dolls pram candy pink

The handle height can be adjusted also! And there is a little shopping basket underneath for your little ones things!

The highest position the handle will go from floor to handle height is 91.5cm.

L52cm x W45cm x H108cm to the top of the hood.

A beautiful dolls pram your family can pass down for generations. The quality of the Bebecar Dolls prams is just as good as the Bebecar full size prams.

Bebecar Dolls Pram Delivery & Payment Plans

Bebecar Dolls pram Candy pink are available for dispatch straightaway.

Payment plan

Our payment plans work by you putting down a NON refundable deposit. Then your payments are split between the amount of months you choose. All payment plans are NON refundable! If you change your mind or do not carry on the payment plan you will lose all the money you have paid. As we have to pre order and store these dolls prams.

By placing your deposit you are agreeing to these terms.


Usually Ships in 24-48hrs

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