Bebecar Buggy Board - Bebecar Roller Buggy Board + Seat

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The Bebecar Buggy Board, Is the only buggy board that will guarantee your Bebecar warranty. The Bebecar buggy board will not invalidate any Bebecar warranty on your pram or pushchair. The Bebecar Carbebe Roller is a buggy board with a seat attachment included. Super easy to attach and detachable in under 1 minute! 

The 2 wheeled board included fun flashing wheels which will entice your little one to use this fun cool mode of transport. It is suitable for use from 15 Months to 25kgs in weight.

bebecar buggy board wheels

The Bebecar Buggy board does also fit other brands of pram due to the flexible way in which it fits, using ajustable belts to secure it on to the chassis. There is a strap to fix the buggy board up under the prams handle when not in use. 

Delivery of your Bebecar Buggy Board

Delivery of your Bebecar Buggy board is just 2-3 Working Days from placing your order. 


Bébécar products are offered with a two years warranty against manufacturing defect.

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