Arias Reborn Doll Nuria - 45cm

Roma Prams

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This beautiful Arias Reborn doll is so sweet. Little Nuria loves to sleep. Her favourite time of day is when you tuck her in gently with her security blanket, while she sleeps soundly. 

The doll has been handmade, with the utmost care given to every last detail. 

What’s more, it has a sweet vanilla scent that you’re guaranteed to love. 

This reborn doll has vinyl limbs and a soft body. 

As such, it offers a soft feel and is filled with beads to offer stability and weight to the baby. Its arms, legs and head are made from vinyl: a high-quality material which allows us to create the characteristic details of Natal babies, such as redness on the skin, little veins and a touch of drool. 

Only the best-quality fabrics have been chosen to produce its clothes. 

The doll comes with accessories including a blanket, dummy, teddy, multi-use bag, two nappies, family record book and certificate of authenticity.


Weight 5.01 kg

Measurement 45 cm / 18"

Body - Vinyl limbs and soft body

Suitable for Age +3

Designed and manufactured in Spain